The Importance of U.S. Manufacturing

25. Technology Leads to a Cleaner and Greener Environment

The U.S. industrial sector remains the leader in greenhouse gas emission reductions relative to other sectors, with an overall 13 percent decline since 1990. By using cleaner technologies, implementing energy efficiency initiatives, and incorporating sustainable business strategies, the sector is poised to continue reducing CO2 emissions even as industrial production rises. By contrast, CO2 emissions from the transportation, residential, and commercial sectors have all increased since 1990; collectively, CO2 emissions from those sectors rose by 14 percent through 2012.

To the Environment and Quality of Life


Technology Leads to a Cleaner and Greener Environment


The Industrial Sector's Energy Use Plateaus While Others' Increase


Industrial Fuel Use and Emissions Have Declined Below 1997 Levels


Technological Innovation Addresses Global Climate Change


Manufacturing Leads on Renewable Energy Usage


Technology Transforms Safety in the Workplace